Over the years we have extended our services to accommodate the growing needs of the industry and are pleased to list hereunder the Services and Supplies we offer.

  • Drilling, Servicing / Rehabilitation of Water Wells
  • Drilling, Servicing / Rehabilitation of Oil Wells
  • Fluid Level Surveys
  • Aquifer Productivity Analysis
  • Jacking & Casing Recovery
  • Installation & Servicing of Submersible Pumps & Motors
  • Installation & Servicing of Line Shaft and Centrifugal Pumps & Motors
  • Installation of Motor Starters and Panels
  • Installation & Servicing of Elster Amco Water and Oil Meters
  • Rental of Drill Pipe
  • Rental of Hiab
  • Rental of Generator
  • Rental of Compressor
  • Logging of Wells

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